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2004 - 2015



  Ski & Snowboard - Bicycles - Motorbikes - Cars - Water Sports  

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All of our cameras are suitable for almost all sports and activities from snowboarding to parachuting to mountain biking! You may even have seen footage from our Sport-Cam cameras before as we have supplied them to the BBC..

All of our camera systems are supplied with a full 12 month warranty backed up by our email and telephone technical support.

We offer several different mounting solutions to suit almost every situation with more being designed all the time! If you can't find a mount for a Sport-Cam that suits your needs let us know and we will see if we can design one. 

Motocross Goggle Mount Motocross Goggle Mount Bike Helmet Mount Ski Goggle Mount Helmet Suction Mount Helmet Self Adhesive

Helmet camera

Fan of action sports?  Then you will know what a buzz you get from the speed and risks associated with your sport. Share with your friends the enjoyment of how it feels to be speeding along on a quad bike or a motorbike.  The video from a helmet camera will let them experience some of the fun. Simply attach the helmet camera to your helmet and record the action. These small cameras are built to withstand most knocks and scrapes you come across. 

Sports camera

To make a record of your leisure-time activities, you need a sports camera. Here at Sport-Cam, we have a range of video cameras for you to browse through. From action sports to less energetic pastimes, a sports camera is a great way to record it. With a digital AV helmet camera, you can record all the action, then play it back on your home computer, or post it to YouTube. These well-built cameras together with the space‑saving DVR are ideal for carrying while enjoying most sports.

Head camera

With a head camera you can record all the action as it unfolds. From the seat of your mountain bike or while trying to stay on your snowboard, the camera records it all. These cameras easily attach to most safety helmets and can video what you see wherever you turn our head. A head camera is a great way to show your mates just how exhilarating and action packed your sport can be. So choose the right camera for your needs and get recording!

Helmet cam

A helmet cam is the best way to catch the thrills and spills on your motorbike, quad bike, skis or snowboard. Often, it is difficult to explain how it feels to be going at speed, but with a helmet cam, you can record colour footage of whatever you see, as it happens.  Later, your friends can see what you’ve been going through and why you get so much fun from doing it.



If you’re a fan of extreme sports then what you need is a bullet camera. These light‑weight cameras are great for recording your exploits to show to other people. Hang‑gliding, rock climbing, abseiling, parascending, and almost any other spine‑tingling sport will be enhanced by adding a bullet camera to your clothes, your helmet, or your kit.  Press record, and at the end, you will have some fascinating footage to re‑live once you’re back home.


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